Would you like to see pavement parking banned?

Currently only London has clamped down on the scourge, but a new report has called for the ban to be rolled out across the whole country.

The Local Government Association (LGA) says inconsiderate parking presents 'a real hazard and a potential danger to life', with motorists often putting older people, wheelchair users and those with pushchairs at risk by forcing them into the road.

Presently, councils simply lack the required powers to tackle the problem, with the LGA consulting with them over how best to ramp up action. The report found other problems associated with pavement parking include damaging the surface - leading to costly repairs - and creating trip hazards.

The Department for Transport (DfT) concluded its consultation into the potential empowerment of councils back in November 2020. However, there has been no official announcement since then. A DfT spokesperson said: “Everyone should be able to navigate their streets without obstacles, and while local authorities already have powers to prohibit pavement parking through local regulation, we have consulted on further helping them take action. The response to this will be published in due course.”

The LGA said a modification in regulations is 'long overdue' and would help councils in safeguarding older and vulnerable individuals from harm.

LGA transport spokesman Darren Rodwell said: "Pavement parking is one of the biggest complaints from pedestrians, but three years on councils outside of London still do not have the powers they need to tackle this scourge."

Scotland was the first country in the UK to make pavement parking illegal earlier this year.

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